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    Welcome to our fire apparatus history page!  As part of an ongoing project, we will feature the history of the fire apparatus of the approximately 350 active and defunct fire departments and companies from around the state.  At this time, about one-fourth of the departments have been completed (although nothing is ever complete!) and another quarter are nearly so.  The work is compiled on a database program which is capable of generating attractive PDF's. Each file is accessible using the buttons below. Larger departments have several files.


   Additions, corrections, and comments are encouraged and are essential to the growth and accuracy of this database. You will see that information about vehicles is missing, or that photos are needed or could be improved upon.  Any contributions of photos or information is greatly appreciated. The PDF's will be revised and reposted as changes occur.  Please use the COMMENTS section below to make contact with the Administrator of this project, Rob Palmer.  At this time, we do not have blog capability, but we will post comments on this page.  Check back often!


    Due to scope of the project and the difficulty of obtaining information on many of the oldest rigs, the database is limited to pumpers of all sizes, forestry vehicles, aerials of all types, and rescues.  Information presented about these vehicles is also limited by space.


   In some cases, vehicles were modified during their existence. Due to space limitations, only one photo is displayed of each truck, but separate records are created for radical modifications, such as new cabs.


   Many departments and photographers have provided images to this project.  All photographs have been credited, and that credit is overlaid on the vehicle in an attempt to protect it from unsolicited copying.  Please respect the images.


   Click on a County button below and step through the drop-down menus. More departments will be added soon.  Enjoy the history!





                     (See below for recent updates!)


Kensington Fire Dept, Berlin. 1976 Mack CF - Original configuration (Chris Lynch, photographer)

Same rig heavily modified with E-One cab and body work (Zack Bowden,            , photographer)

1967 Maxim F 100' mid-mount aerial, Ladder 2, later Ladder 1, West Hartford.

Served 1967-1991 (Mike Bakunis, photographer)

Rob Palmer will respond to your email.

1945 Mack E Series  Squad 5, Bridgeport.  500 gpm.

Served 1945-1961

(Mack Museum Collection)




1. Photos or better photos

2. History of vehicles

   a. Years served

   a. Preservation status


There are many departments for which I have limited information. I am most interested in establishing contacts with historians or long-time members. If you can help with that, please send me a note. Thank you!






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